John Mayer

Fun fact: I know how to play the guitar. It’s been a while (since high school), but this is one song I will never forget how to play.

Also, as far as I’m concerned, John Mayer’s guitar tone in this song is the pinnacle of what a guitar can sound like. Clean with a hint of creamy distortion = 🙏

DG Mexico 2016

Since freshman year of college, my group of friends from high school all try to get together once a year. While it never works out that everyone can come (life gets in the way), we always end up with mostly everyone.

This year we decided to go to Playa del Carmen. Kei and Aaron also brought GoPros for the first time. I gotta say, I was never very high on GoPros, but now I almost want one for myself.

Stupid times with good friends, what more can you ask?

I Took a Pill in Ibiza

Don’t know when it happened, but I’ve become very much a “the grass is always greener” type of person. I’m sure it’s a part of being in my 20’s with social media surrounding me. Still, doesn’t make FOMO feel any better.

This is the first song in a while that struck a chord with me. It’s a great reminder that fame/fortune/partying isn’t the answer to it all.