Apple’s Still Apple

There’s been a lot of talk about whether AppleĀ is still Apple (whatever that means).Ā This article proves they are.

What do you do?

There are really only two options at this point. The first would be to suck it up and wait until the next-generation Mac Pros are ready to be announced, and suffer in silence while more and more people point to the current Mac Proā€™s stagnation as proof that Apple is abandoning the Mac Pro market.

The second would be to bite the bullet and tell the world what your plans are, even though itā€™s your decades-long tradition ā€” a fundamental part of the companyā€™s culture ā€” to let actual shipping products, not promises of future products, tell your story.

Apple chose the latter.

I don’t think that because of the new Mac Pro. I thinkĀ that becauseĀ they ignored decades of “precedent”, which shows they’reĀ not stuck in their ways and still willing toĀ innovate, evenĀ on a fundamental part of company culture.