Standard Definiton

It’s still mind blowing to me how recently HD came into our lives. When I see a video in SD, I simply assume it was recorded twenty years ago.

Reasons Why Sara Bareilles is Amazing

  1. She’s an unreal singer
  2. She went to UCLA (the school I always wanted to go to before I moved to Seattle)

Side note: I’m realizing this blog is slowly filling up with only music videos and photos… I’m totally ok with that 👌


The Unofficial Chicago Anthem

Not only is this my favorite song right now, but I’ll always associate it with a great time in Chicago with good friends and food. Couldn’t ask for more.

I ❤️ the Windy City




The Most Timeless Song of All Time

Things I think about when I hear this song:

  • Middle school
  • LA
  • Counter-strike
  • Beverly Center
  • The Grove

John Mayer

Fun fact: I know how to play the guitar. It’s been a while (since high school), but this is one song I will never forget how to play.

Also, as far as I’m concerned, John Mayer’s guitar tone in this song is the pinnacle of what a guitar can sound like. Clean with a hint of creamy distortion = 🙏