2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Complaint

The 15″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is my favorite laptop of all time, but has one major flaw: when using a scaled resolution, the Intel integrated graphics simply can’t keep up. The laptop sticks to the integrated graphics for as long as it can to save battery life which means 99% of the time it’s a stuttery experience, even for simple tasks like browsing the web.

A solution I’ve found is to reduce transparency. This disables the sleek transparency throughout the OS, which is unfortunate because I love how it looks.

Here’s where my complaint about this laptop differs from most: I don’t blame Apple for this. I blame Intel. The lack of competition from AMD had them coasting for the past five years. Here’s to hoping AMD’s Ryzen changes all that and I won’t have to disable features on a $3,500 machine to have a smooth experience. 🙏






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